Holding Them Accountable – Richard Shelby Edition

    In many states and many places people believe that elections are the only time participation is required in a Democracy. You show up, you vote, you wash your hands of it until they bother you again. Many citizens vote the way many loosely-affiliated Christians trek over to the local church once on Christmas and again on Easter. Check the block. Move on with life. Never mind that you are being robbed blind and governed dishonestly as soon as your back is turned.

    Fortunately for us, regrettably for Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, not all Americans have degenerated into Amerikans. Quite a few people in Alabama found the time and volition to turn away from another riveting episode of SpongeBob. It seems they are engaged in behavior hostile to the continued cavorting of our disingenuous politicians. Fortunately, the GOP rank and file in Alabama did not take kindly to Senator Shelby’s having announced his support of Secretary of Defense nominee and former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel.

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    Too Big Too Fail Is Too Big To Fix – A Solution To The Problem

    Decades of bad decisions seem to be coming together in an incredible, perfect storm of trouble.  Now we are bailing out large companies left and right because they are “Too big to fail.”  If you or I have a small to medium business going under, tough luck.  Looking at what is happening, throwing money at the problem is not fixing anything.  We are just dragging | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    Hillary for Secretary of State – Chris Matthews calls it Machiavellian and questions why Obama would make such a mistake. But, the question is really why would Hillary accept such an offer. If she wants to be president some day, expect there to be a problem with Bill’s vetting and Hillary to return to the Senate. And, whether accepted or not, having made the gesture | Read More »

    We Don’t Have Another Week

    Sen Shelby took a piss on the White House lawn after meeting with President Bush today. As he left the West Wing, Shelby spoke to the media holding up what he said were letters from the country’s top economists saying the Paulson Plan is not the best solution to resolving the crisis. He went on to urge viewers not to believe an agreement has been | Read More »