Sen. Sherrod Brown tied to ACORN in Congressional report

      Sherrod Brown, Senator from Ohio, has been named along with former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in a report on ACORN issued by Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (heads-up from Right Ohio). The report alleges that ACORN, a recipient of taxpayer money, donated money and personnel to promote a partisan political agenda in violation of many tax and election laws. An ACORN spokeswoman | Read More »

    I hope Ohio conservatives are happy now

    I understand the frustration conservatives have with Mike DeWine.  Really, I do.  But it drives me crazy when conservatives refuse to see the reality of the playing field.  Conservatives grumbled and attacked Mike DeWine with venom every chance they got.  And I am confident a number of them refused to vote for him. Well, now Sherrod Brown is going to provide the vote that allows | Read More »

    The New, Old Protectionism

    I try anew to fight the good fight against protectionism in my latest article over at The New Ledger. An excerpt includes my hope that: the Obama Administration will abandon “Buy American” provisions and other protectionist measures and instead, truly encourage the buying of American products by ensuring that free trade principles not only remain intact, but also thrive in the coming years. Only through | Read More »

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