Nick Searcy Wants to Make You a Star

    I don’t know a lot of international film & television stars, but I know Nick Searcy – and if you knew Nick Searcy – you’d certainly know he is just such a star… probably because he’d tell you. Seriously though, if you do know Nick, you’d know he’s constantly goofing on the industry in which he works – a business filled with folks who will | Read More »

    Is Obama’s Ego Infinite Or Merely Unimited?

    It is not enough for Barak to tell a room full of democrats in the Capitol that he is the new Messiah. He must not just tell the millions on TV. It is not enough to set a ‘new tone’ by filling a stadium of fans (and test the limits of good security and common sense). No. The empty suit needs a toy temple. And | Read More »