Introducing Debbie Wasserman-Schulz

    I blog at another site which is dominated by liberal commenters.  I wrote this for their “entertainment” and thought I’d share here too… I was as happy as anyone on election night to see Nancy Pelosi’s face fall as a result of being shellacked, despite the number of times it had been lifted.  But with that happiness was a slight amount of sadness.  Surely, I | Read More »

    It’s time for Kathleen Parker to retire

    I can endure a lot. And with Kathleen Parker, I have. The Left’s pet quasi-Republican is at it again. Her criticisms of Sarah Palin during the campaign were bad enough. But now she joins the chorus of those aching to throw social conservatives under the bus. Oh, but it’s not just socons – it’s Christian socons in particular. Her latest screed is particularly offensive. It | Read More »