The Silly Putty ™ seems to be working so well

    how about for the next act we start sending Secretary of the Treasury Designate Tim Geithner referrrals from Tax Masters: (or some other similar type of business).  I just heard their ad on Dennis Miller and was inspired by Erick’s Silly Putty ™ bit to suggest this along the same lines.  So, does anyone have an address, preferrably e-mail, for Mr. Geithner? Of course, if doing | Read More »

    Have you sent your silly putty yet?

    We’ve had upwards of 100 people so far say they’ve sent their silly putty to Kent Williams. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Kent Williams was one of 50 Republicans to take 50 to 49 control of the Tennessee State House for the first time. He then cut a deal with the Democrats and got himself elected Speaker. So clueless was he | Read More »