Climate Nut vs. City Ordinance

    Slashdot points to a story in the LA Times (via Hugh Pickens)… In short…a couple decides to save the planet by replacing their grass with wood chips. Only now they face a “maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for their grass-free, eco-friendly landscaping scheme.” Quotes like this blow my mind: They said they were trying to do something good for | Read More »

    Silly intellectuals!

    I had another exchange today with an Ivy League intellectual who was once a conservative but now supports Obama. It went like this: Me: I was sorry to hear you’re supporting Obama. What makes him more qualified than… Sarah Palin, for instance? Ivy: He seems to have heard about the issues. She had to be coached for the debates. Me: I see… but do you | Read More »

    How much do they pay Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel?

    This is too much. Watching The Weather Channel and it’s ‘crack’ team of reporters give commentary on Hurricane Gustav that make me look for a bottle of Jack Daniels. The lovely Stephanie Abrams was on television about 15 minutes ago pulling plant stems and small branches out of a puddle and talking about the size of debris that you might want to avoid in case | Read More »