Everybody Beats Dodd In Latest Q-Poll

    The latest Q poll is out, and despite his seemingly endless repetition of the worn out “all I can do is my job” line and his protestations that he intends to run again, Chris Dodd and Democratic party leaders have some serious thinking to do. The poll, released this morning, shows Dodd getting crushed in a match-up against Rob Simmons, 34/50, and losing to Sam | Read More »

    Kos Poll Shows Dodd/Simmons Still Tight

    Research 2000’s poll for Daily Kos shows Dodd up 45-40 on Simmons, with a 4% MOE. While a bit better for Dodd than the last Q poll, it is difficult to compare two different polls with different samples, different questions and different methodologies. In any event, these are still pretty poor numbers for a three decade incumbent. Dodd’s favorable/unfavorable is +7 (13 no opinion), while | Read More »

    Off The Wire: Rob Simmons Edition

    Rob Simmons got a fair share of press today, despite the late-night, email-only announcement of his candidacy. Coverage from today of Simmons’ announcement can be found at: CT Local Politics The Hill Washington Post Politico ConnPoliticsTV Swing State Project Senatus Instapundit American Spectator DailyKos

    It’s Official: Rob Simmons To Challenge Dodd

    As reported by the Hartford Courant, Rob Simmons has officially announced his intention to challenge Chris Dodd for his senate seat in 2010. Via an email to the AP, Simmons said that after meeting with family and friends today, he received unanimous support and made the decision. I have said Simmons is probably in the best position to challenge Dodd of those whose names have | Read More »

    Simmons And Dodd On Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    Set your Tivos for tomorrow morning for info on Connecticut’s senate seat up for grabs in 2010. The Real Story, Fox 61 at 8:30 am: Host Shelly Sindland will have Dodd-challenger and former-Congressman Rob Simmons. Perhaps he will announce his run? He had said earlier he thought he’d decide by the Ides of March. Face the State, WFSB 3 at 11:00 am: Host Dennis House | Read More »

    Hartford Business Journal on the Republican Resurrection In Connecticut

    In the Hartford Business Journal tomorrow, Dean Pagani looks at the changing political landscape in Connecticut for the 2010 elections. For the first time in a long time, there are Republicans thinking about waging statewide campaigns, not only because they think they have a shot at winning but to position themselves for future campaigns. That’s a healthy approach if the party ever hopes to be | Read More »

    Inside The Q Poll: For Dodd, At Least As Bad As The Headlines Suggest

    Apparently, Connecticut voters are not the ignorant fools Chris Dodd takes them for. After electing and reelecting him to the US Senate for almost as long as Carter’s CRA has been eating away at our economy, they are coming to their senses and appear poised to hold Dodd responsible for his actions by finally replacing him. The latest Quinnipiac poll was released today, and it | Read More »

    Rob Simmons v. Chris Dodd In 2010? Simmons Says He Is Considering It

    The Journal Inquirer has the following news report regarding Rob Simmons and his plans for the future. In it, he indicates that he wouldn’t run against Rell for Governor, but would consider running if she decided to bow out after this term. Regarding Dodd’s senate seat, he said this: The one-time CIA officer, who during a Journal Inquirer interview said several times that he was | Read More »