“Net Neurtality” Another Bolshie-like Slogan

    One has to wonder how long it took certain “intellectual” think tanks, likely funded by U.S. taxpayers, to come up with such a “beguiling” slogan. June 18, 2010, a CNSNews.com headline read: FCC Moves to Regulate Internet — Even Though the Law Calls for Internet to be ‘Unfettered by Federal or State Regulation’ Staff writer, Matt Cover, states: “This step comes after the federal D.C. | Read More »

    Creator-Friendly Bus Slogans

    Lighting a candle, on the side of a bus: Atheists have started advertising on buses in the UK. Do you want to see your own message on the side of a bus? Well now’s your chance. For example: “I’m a bus. I’m telling you there’s no God. Trust me. I mean, have I ever left you standing at the curb?” Or: “There’s probably no Dog. | Read More »