The PowerTalk Interview with Smith & Wesson

    Welcome to PowerTalk where we talk with CEOs, COOs and other key business people at public and private companies as well as other subject matter experts. It’s conversations with people such as these offer tremendous insights into how an industry or company works, what the competitive dynamics are and where its likely to head in the next few quarters and years. This week we’re talking | Read More »

    Senator Mike Enzi Fights Vigilante Labor Justice

    Kudos to Mike Enzi for fighting behind the curtains. According to Politico, Enzi, the ranking Republican, is opposing the nomination of New York Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith as Solicitor of Labor. Enzi is upset with Smith’s lack of candor about New York’s radical Wage and Hour Watch program. Smith initiated that program, which granted unprecedented and dangerous enforcement powers to unions and liberal activists. | Read More »