Palin just got destroyed on SNL

    Basically, it was a rehash of the Couric interview. Imagine the worst possible impression you could want Americans to have of Palin, and double it. That’s what it was. The only hope I can have is that people will be appalled by how over the top SNL is going. I feel like crying.

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    Chevy Chase aka Mr. Irrelevent

    Chevy Chase has commented that he liked the SNL skit about Palin but said it didn’t go far enough. He said he would like to see an encore where they “really decimate her” Typical comment from one of the Hollywooden heads. I guess he is a bitter man since his own career has gone down the drain. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he quit | Read More »

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    Obama blows it

    OK, so Obama was supposed to be on the season premier of Saturday Night Live. He cancelled because of hurricane Ike.OK, that is fine – but he blew a perfectly legimate chancefor a national appearance. He could have come on the show and said:”I was humbled to be in your great city this week.As you know the folks down in Texas have surviveda bad storm. | Read More »

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    And Now For Something Completely Different…

    Just something off the beaten path, but a friend sent this to me on Facebook and I laughed so hard I cried.

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