Shovel Ready Hate

    Obama has decided to unleash his hounds of war upon the productive class of this nation.  We hear daily smears against us.  They become more unhinged.  Their shovel ready jobs plans are a joke.  His economic policies are a disaster.  Change is not working in America.  So, we are witnessing Obama and his progressive/socialist allies unleash their shovel ready hate upon our heads.  So why are they attacking ordinary | Read More »

    Punish the Poor Tavis Smiley, a host on the as yet still-funded PBS, recently called the 2011 Budget agreement an immoral document. If he had been referring to the last Congress’ blatant abdication of duty in failing, for crass political purposes, to even propose a 2011 budget, he would have been right. Unfortunately, he was referring to the attempt to inject some fiscal sanity into the federal | Read More »

    Tolerance is Easy It is a truism of Western culture that tolerance is hard. Tolerance leads to ostracism and death. Tolerance means braving the assaults of heartless corporate CEO’s and oppressive right wing Christians; to celebrate diversity, to have the courage to proclaim, “I’m no better than you are,” is to run afoul of the gatekeepers of societal regimentation. It is easier to follow the path trod | Read More »