It Doesn’t Make Sense

    Our leaders aren’t stupid. They may be foolish, they may be corrupt, but they aren’t stupid. This isn’t just a Democrat phenomenon. It didn’t start with President Obama’s occupation of the White House. This is a manifestation of the Dualocracy: the regime of the government party, that great two headed Hydra wherein the Democrat and Republican Parties are merely two heads on the same bird | Read More »

    President Obama’s Monumental Success

    Anyone in business – especially if they work in sales – knows that it’s almost impossible to sell a product unless there is demand for it.  Sometimes a fast talking salesman can create demand with a slick story, sometimes the demand results from availability of new technology or introduction of a needed invention.  Successful businesses identify demands and supply products and services to satisfy them.  Policitians know the dynamic of supply and demand, | Read More »