Natural law and the War on Wives

    Human progress can be portrayed as a long, difficult, but highly successful war against nature, which retaliates with some very spectacular counter-attacks to remind us of our technological limits.  Whenever I hear the state of nature romanticized, I find myself thinking that the “natural” life of man involves surviving a highly risky birthing process – ideally without killing our mothers on the way out – | Read More »

    My First Night at MN GOP Caucuses

    Attending my first GOP caucus as a participant was an exciting experience.  I had some butterflies going in because I wouldn’t know anyone there and it was something new.  The experience was quite different from what I had expected.  I’d like to flesh out my overall impressions a little more fully.  For those who are old hands at caucuses, this may seem to be a | Read More »

    ‘Doctor’ at Jackson-Lee town hall: lying, and defensive about it.

    I covered this briefly yesterday on another social media site (which is a pretentious way of saying that I Twittered it): Patterico’s Pontifications tracked down a ‘Doctor’ Roxana Mayer who spoke in favor of health care rationing at what is rapidly becoming Sheila Jackson-Lee’s infamous town hall event. It turns out that she’s not a doctor; she was a state Obama delegate, and is an | Read More »