Star Trek technology to the modern battlefield

    Fans of the original Star Trek television series will remember Commander Spock giving accurate directions to Captain Kirk to send mortar shells across a desert battlefield in the episode “Arena“. Now American soldiers have similar capabilities using their smart phones. An American officer spent $26,000 of his own money to develop an iPhone app that assists soldiers in mapping and plotting locations on the battlefield. | Read More »

    The Last Full Measure Of Devotion

    They came from every corner of our nation representing our best and bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great significance but because of what they so bravely did there. Places like Trenton, Lexington Yorktown, New Orelans, Antietam, Gettysburg, the trenches of WWI, Verdun, Anzio Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Khe | Read More »

    Dads! Barbecue Your Way to Emergency Preparedness

    Exclusive: Dads! Barbecue Your Way to Emergency Preparedness Michael Mandaville You can barbecue to fight terrorism. I don’t necessarily mean that you barbecue the terrorists. Hmmm…let’s think about that one another day. It’s no secret that many dads like to barbecue, especially on the weekends and for special events. But you may ask, “How can barbecuing help national security?” First, during a natural disaster | Read More »

    Remember the Fallen

    My brother returned, safe and sound, from Iraq this week.  A soldier in the National Guard, he was called up a year ago and spent about nine months overseas.  His first son was born while he was active and training to go over.  Though we both aspired to it, he chose the military path that I did not. My brother and I don’t get along | Read More »

    Awesomely Awesome: US Soldier Calls Out Mahdi Sympathizers in Iraqi Police

    Over at Ace of Spades there is a video of a US Soldier threatening “to [personally] kick Mahdi army’s asses personally. He uses the Paul Anka style of leadership to awesome effect.” Hey, if the Presidential Chief-of-Staff can throw the F-Bomb and is joked about “Every week the guy takes a little time away to give back to the community. Just last week he was | Read More »

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    Soldier Needs A Little Help

    Saw this on a blog written by a soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. So I get an email the other day that says my XBox live membership is due to automatically renew in a month. Huh?!?! So I go online to the page for my account and what do you know there is no option to not automatically renew or to cancel. According to their | Read More »