Baby-Killers Are Nation-Killers As Well

    Children are tough on the Me First Society. They expect to be fed or something. They take and take and take and rarely before their 21st birthday do you start getting that ROI. Once you’ve killed God and gone down the solipsistic wormhole far enough, they become parasites, aliens in a universe populated by only Me, Myself and I. At that point you reach a certain “weness” with well-intentioned but misunderstood guys like Kermit Gosnell.

    You see, if you feel like Isabella Wood (the British mother quoted atop the post) then a guy like Kermit Gosnell isn’t a baby-killer. He’s out there trying to cure cancer. Fortunately for Poor, Little Staurt, Mrs. Wood never quite acted on her feelings of hatred and resentment towards her own offspring. But you see that sentiment broadcast and amplified by leading proponents of political Leftism. Barack Obama meant what he said about not wanting his daughters to be punished with a baby.

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    Solipsism In Primetime – Has Majesty’s STFU Address

    “Shut Up.” Our President explained. And he meant it. To that separate, intellectually inferior branch of government; known as the Supreme Court. “Shut Up! Senators McCain and Feingold will tell you when you can speak and under what restrictions. I don’t want to be hearing from the people who caused the problems around here. The people that agree with me are still allowed to speak. | Read More »