Pirate located in Eyl, Somalia threatens America.

    Eyl’s location: 7° 58′ 0″ N, 49° 49′ 0″ E. Not that either the United States Navy or the Air Force particularly needs my help in pointing out the coordinates, but it will hopefully clarify matters. Anyway, here’s the comment: Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old self-proclaimed pirate, told The Associated Press that the three pirates’ deaths were “a painful experience.” Speaking from the pirate hub, Eyl, | Read More »

    GC congratulates the USN and their CINC [updated]

    But I am disappointed that my beloved Redstate hasn’t acknowledged the President’s good judgment in this matter and that so many here have used the occasion of an American success to make the perfect the enemy of the good even though this matter was resolved pretty darn close to perfectly. Well, I don’t like echo chambers anyway, so… Thank you President Barack Obama for your | Read More »

    Don’t you feel safer?

    I feel a whole lot safer knowing my Secretary of State are reverting to the Clinton appeasement era plan of negotiating with Muslim terrorists/pirates.  Wow!  I am sure the mullahs in Afghanistan are taking heed of this strong-arm approach. I love that we are treating piracy as a mere law enforcement matter, not an act of war on the United States.  I imagine Thomas Jefferson, | Read More »

    International solution to piracy a frightening thought

    We seem to heading back to the days of yesteryear when it comes to International crises. There is now much clamor for an “International” solution to piracy. The only solution to the piracy problem is military action. There are no UN sanctions that can be imposed against the pirates, and UN resolutions condemning their actions are totally meaningless. This bring us to the scary proposition | Read More »

    Heeeeeeeeeere Comes Another One: Somali Pirates Grab Another Ship.

    Ladies And Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the latest in a line of “appropriated vessels” for your viewing pleasure: “The ship with no name”, because the media won’t say much more than “boo”. Somali pirates hijack ship, British guards escape Grabbed today by those peace-loving Somali pirates, a CHEMICAL TANKER was crewed by chaps from India. Three British security personnel either jumped overboard or | Read More »

    “How to Deal With Pirates”

    I wrote last week on the problem of the Somali pirates. Michael B. Oren, via the WSJ, has done an excellent job of documenting the history of the pirate problem in the Jeffersonian period and how we dealt with it then…and how that applies to today’s situation. Read it here.

    This ain’t “Pirates of the Carribean”

    In the movies, pirates are a lot more fun. Now, this is serious. In the last 24 hours in the waters off Somalia, two more merchant vessels were captured by Somali “pirates.” These tinhorn twerps in their “pirate ships” (which come closer to resembling recycled tinfoil than actual boats) have somehow been able to overpower numerous large cargo ships, one of which is a oil | Read More »

    Iranian Ship Hijacking — 16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship [redacted]

    Link to The World Tribune website story FROM TWO WEEKS AGO on what happened with the hijacked Iranian ship that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about. 16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship – Substance: NUCLEAR, CHEMICAL or both. Just in case the link doesn’t work …….. Here’s the text with full copyright notice above and below (sue me if you | Read More »

    Iran, Somali Pirates and radiation poisoning.

    It seems some Somali pirates have hijacked an Iranian owned and operated cargo ship. The ship, the MV Iran Deyanat, is a 44468 ton bulk carrier, and the pirates intentions are to hold it for 2 million dollars in ransom. This seems to be a very common occurrence in these waters and prompt payment of ransoms has made it VERY profitable. But in this instance | Read More »

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