New York Times State of Mind

    The American political system is based on a useful falsehood. It’s based on the falsehood that David Brooks is an intelligent, thoughtful man who represents the right wing, or conservative point of view when writing. It is a falsehood borne of the idea that an intelligent man, without political aspirations or social obligations, can put aside his social caste and come up with a reasonably | Read More »

    What a Conservative should say

    Here would be my statement if I were a congressional conservative leader: “This nominee is an extremist and a racist. These assertions are substantiated by her public-record comments, judicial decisions and her organizational affiliations. She has made statements which could not be more plainly racist or more offensive to the foundational ideals of America, that is, that one race is by definition more capable of | Read More »


    Chris Dodd’s Lack Of Empathy

    Connecticut has been host to a number of cases in Supreme Court history that have had a profound impact on the legal landscape of our country, such as Griswold v. Connecticut, and more recently, Kelo v. City of New London. Over the past few weeks, as most Connecticut residents have noticed, the Constitution State is again at the center of the legal universe, this time | Read More »

    Contra Kmiec et al., Sotomayor has already signaled that she will be a reliable friend of abortion on the Supreme Court

    So many commentators have suggested that Judge Sotomayor’s approach to abortion and its alleged (I’ll say) protection in our Constitution. Many journalists with the mainstream media have repeated the claim that “[a]s appellate judge, Sotomayor hasn’t confronted core questions about abortion. For a brief, whimsical moment, I allowed myself to dream that Judge Sotomayor might, in the back of her head, filled with (very | Read More »

    A logical exercise on the issue of racism

    It comes as a shock to many black friends of mine when I reveal to them that for at least 25 years, possibly the worst social taboo among whites is to be labeled a racist. To be considered a racist has severe economic, social, personal and political consequences for white folks. As a consequence, it is hard to find whites that utter racist epithets in | Read More »

    Found: Lost Sotomayor Video

    It was inevitable that additional video of SC Justice nominee Sonio Sotomayor would surface.  This may explain some of her leanings toward using personal experiences and “empathy” in her rulings.  In addition, the video reveals never-before-seen footage of Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Perhaps someone can embed this video for me.  I still can’t figure out how | Read More »

    Themis The Goddess of Justice — And Letting Slip The Blindfold

    Submitted to DIGG We take our idolized vision of justice from the statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of divine law. Our depiction of Themis, as are most of the likenesses that have come down from ancient times, finds her standing blindfolded, with an upraised balance scale in her left hand, while resting a sword upon the ground in her right hand. In her Greek | Read More »

    Non-Latina justice is no justice at all [updated]

    A diabetic with learning disabilities, raised by a single mother in a South Bronx neighborhood, rose to the top of elite Ivy League universities. Lawyer Sotomayor was then given the power to prosecute criminal defendants and, for the past 17 years has wielded the gavel of a trial court judge before judging trial court judges from the second highest court in the land; apparently, if | Read More »

    Sotomayor- Obama’s Stealthy Mirror

    While the pundits and talking heads on both sides of the Sotomayor niomination “draw lines in the sand,” it becomes increasingly obvious that this has the potential to become some compelling television come July.  But, if you are going to get your news from the likes of Sean Hannity, Tom Tancredo, Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews, then you will be somewhat misinformed.  While | Read More »

    Here’s the first flip-flop on Sotomayor

    Now Obama says she “would have restated” her “Latina woman” comment and today Gibbs said her choice of words “was poor”. Now hold old on a dern tootin minute here fellas!! We’ve heard for days that nothing she said was the least bit out of line – just “taken out of context”. Any criticism of her comments was blamed on baseless criticism by biased inferior | Read More »


    Dude Where’s My Transparency? Obama and Sotomayor’s Duke Video:

    The Obama administration keeps telling me that transparency is this administrations main priority but in the case of judge Sotomayor’s Duke University video and the spin by the White House that the judge was taken out of context (standard operating procedure when the left is caught with their pants down) one must stand up and shout… Obama, Dude Where’s My Transparency? Yesterday when asked about | Read More »

    She Did Not Misspeak, But the Obama Administration Will, Yet Again, Try to Lie Their Way Around It

    Some want the White House to make Judge Sotomayor say she “misspoke.” Some Democrats and political analysts are urging the White House to shift course and concede that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor made an error when she suggested in 2001 that Hispanic women would make better judges than white men. “She misspoke,” said Lanny Davis, a White House lawyer and spokesman for President Bill | Read More »

    Sotomayor – Conservatives Should Rejoice! (No, Really!)

    I love Obama’s pick for SCOTUS, Judge Sotomayor.  As a conservative, how can I love what is certainly an unqualified, combative, leftist, anti-business, reverse discrimination loving judicial appointment? There are many, many reasons. 1) Judge Sotomayor is not an intellectual giant (that’s the nice way of putting it).  Sure, she’s going to be a dependable liberal vote (as was Souter, the justice she is going | Read More »

    Opposing Sotomayor: A Line in the Sand

    As Andrew C. McCarthy wrote on Tuesday, “It’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of lawyers: That’s the central message conveyed by Pres. Barack Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.” She is, after all, widely admired among the Obamanist left for her empathy, not her temperament or wisdom. That plus her compelling life story and her love of Nancy Drew mysteries. We also know | Read More »

    Of Course We Should Oppose Judge Sotomayor

    We must oppose Sotomayor, because she is a weak addition to the Supreme Court. While in a partisan strategic sense it is quite possible that having an inferior mind installed as the next Justice is a net positive, that may not be what is best for the country.

    Read More »