Could Obama Stack The Supreme Court

    With the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, the pundits and Senators are making speculation as to who is on Obama’s short list to become the first SCOTUS appointment for the 44th President. According to Utah GOP Senator Orrin Hatch who met with Obama on his pending appointment, the nomination could come before weeks end. Whoever Obama picks will obviously be of the | Read More »

    Speculating on Souter, Jr.

    Speculating about Obama’s pick to replace David Souter is heating up.  Lists are being generated and published by every imaginable source.  The special interest groups, influential Senators, and even a sitting Justice is weighing in lobbying for a woman nominee.  Allow me a little analysis here and it comes down to a few names. We have to go by two criteria- the political reality and | Read More »


    Obama plans to appoint Liberal Justice to replace Souter

    As liberal Supreme court David Souter retires, Obama contemplates his replacement. Knowing President Obama he will nominate someone just as if not more liberal than David Souter. Without a doubt President Obama will face little trouble from the Democrat controlled congress.  Don’t worry there is still hope. The Democrats only have 59 seated U.S. Senators. To prevent a fillibuster the majority would need 60 seated members. So | Read More »

    So long rule of law

    In announcing the pending retirement of Supreme Court justice, David Souter, President Obama said the primary quality he was looking for in a new justice was empathy.  Since the Code of Hammurabi, civilized societies have used written law to bring about social stability and see that the coercive power of government was applied fairly and uniformly.  This nearly four thousand year old doctrine is apparently | Read More »

    Un-Hatch a new strategy for challenging liberal judicial nominees

    Given the Democratic Party’s huge majority in the U.S. Senate, conservatives and Republicans cannot prevent President Barack Obama from appointing a replacement for the retiring Justice David Souter that will echo the Left’s unconstitutional judicial philosophy that regularly re-writes our founding documents. All the more reason to focus on setting the stage for future nomination fights and establishing and maintaining credibility on the issue of | Read More »

    Souter Replacement Part II – Senate Republican Leadership Aide Downplays Ability to… Lead…

    A Roll Call story by John Stanton just posted that references our conversation here regarding the importance of Jeff Sessions being Judiciary Committee Republican Ranking Member instead of Chuck Grassley or Orrin Hatch. The most significant paragraphs are below: The conservative blog and other activists and media outlets already have started pushing back against Grassley. They are organizing call-ins to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s | Read More »

    Chill Out on the Souter Replacement

    Without a doubt, the resignation of David Souter from the Supreme Court will be analyzed by conservatives with trepidation.  However, the direness of the situation is not as bad as many would think.  Looking at the conservatives on the Court, there is Chief Justice Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito.  Roberts was appointed by Bush.  Although justices are appointed for life, the average | Read More »

    A Reminder Why Beating Dodd Matters: Souter Reportedly To Retire From SCOTUS After This Term

    NPR reports that Justice David Souter has advised the White House of his intention to retire from the Supreme Court following the current term. With all the recent US Senate developments, from the self-serving defection of Arlen Specter to Sen. Bunning’s reported retirement to Minnesota’s ever-more apparent election of an idiot, the stakes could not be higher. It will be terribly difficult for Republicans to | Read More »

    Justice Souter to Retire – We need Jeff Sessions to Rank on Senate Judiciary

    According to NPR, and other sources I am told, Justice Souter will retire at the end of the Court’s current term. He will remain on the Court until he is replaced. Much more to follow on this topic – but let’s start with this… Jeff Sessions should be Republican Ranking Member on the Judiciary Committee. Not Orrin Hatch. Not Chuck Grassley. UPDATE 2: In response | Read More »