Comrade Carney And The Case Of The Disembodied Digit

    Comrade Carney And The Case Of The Disembodied Digit

    Photos from the home of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that accompany a Washingtonian magazine puff piece this week have caused a bit of a stir online after enterprising reporters and bloggers had a closer look. Take a look at the first one: First of all, what kind of family are they feeding there? That’s enough food for a small platoon. I see three | Read More »

    The Gulag State

    Jeremy Hildreth reporting for The Wall Street Journal reminds us of the real face of Communism: the gulag. […] there once were 8,000 Soviet labor camps spattered like islands across the Russian landscape—the “Gulag archipelago” of which Alexander Solzhenitsyn famously wrote. Each camp housed about 250 prisoners, most serving 10- to 25-year sentences for contrived offenses like “uncooperativeness” or “sabotage.” By the time the U.S.S.R. | Read More »

    Never in America!?!?!?!? Only at Barack-N-Large!!!!!

    We say this all the time. This or that would never happen in America…not in THE United States of America! So what are some things that we say would never happen in America? How about government take over certain industries? How about the government asking citizens to snitch on fellow citizens? All these “Czars” who answer to only the President? Or…government run health care? These | Read More »

    More gun trafficking rubbish

    The Associated Press published an article that talks about gun trafficking going south from the US into Mexico. It states that some of these guns are AK-47s, “military-style” weapons (which, by-the-way, to liberals includes most hunting rifles too), and Barrett 50-caliber rifles. Isn’t it interesting that the US government has sold the Mexican government (both military and police) Barrett 50-caliber rifles, M-16s and AR-15s for | Read More »

    National Service – Soviet Style (Part II in a series that you can’t possibly make up)

    This is almost too crazy for me to believe is actually happening in America. The disastrous “service” bill I described earlier today is being rushed through the Senate to get it over to the House as fast as possible. Cloture will be filed in the Senate tonight (I am told) which means there need not be a final cloture vote until Friday, and then there | Read More »

    Hammer and Sickle at WSOP

    At this year’s World Series of Poker one of the members of the final table was Moscow, Russia born Ivan Demidov. Whenever he was in a hand the television cameras would pan to his fans in the audience. When things went Ivan’s way, his friend, wearing a New York Yankee Jersey (a bit ironic), would wave not the white, blue, and red Russian flag; but | Read More »