Spanish government gets tired of judges playing Junior ICC.

    (Via AoSHQ Headlines) I will now treat the news that Spain has decided to put its judges back under some semblance of control and respect for sovereignty: Spain is moving to rein in its investigative judges from trying alleged crimes against humanity from around the world, a role that has led to high-profile cases against the governments of the U.S., China, Israel and others. Under | Read More »

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    The Spanish Mirror

    Obama is in office.  As much as I pray every day that this is some sort of horribly twisted nightmare, the facts are the facts.  Barring an impeachment or unforeseen circumstances (please God), he will be in office until at least 2012.  OK.  Every time that I interact with my eight and a half month old daughter, I can’t help but think about what the | Read More »

    Tilting at Windmills, 21st Century Style

    From our friends at the Institute for Energy Research. (This story ran on Fox News this morning, but crammed into a two-minute time slot with few details.) It seems that Spain’s foray into wind energy has been President Obama’s example that we should follow on this side of the pond. “But wait-a-hold-it, how’s it working for Spain?”, you might ask (if you were a right-wing | Read More »

    Greenwald’s Counter-Terrorism Illogic

    I’ve stayed away from reading the sock puppet for awhile. Too bad, too, since I missed a gem that he put out last Friday called “Counter-terrorism logic“. For a guy who is believed by the lefties to be all-knowing, Greenwald manages to set up straw man arguments as if they were dominoes lined up to be knocked down in one push. He starts out with | Read More »

    Spain and Iran

    Read this news of the official Iranian agency of news Iran-Spain-FM Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on Friday called for further expansion of Tehran-Madrid relations. In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Madrid Davoud Salehi, he praised Iran’s key role in the Mideast developments. On Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, he voiced Madrid’s support for resolve of Iran’s nuclear case through diplomacy. He expressed | Read More »

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