Conservative Candidates and Languages

    As a candidate myself, I have noticed that despite reality, we do not often enough pay attention to bilingual minorities or to those who do not speak English. In fact in chagrin I plan a Spanish page on my own website after thinking deeper about this. I had thought of this a while ago, and intended to try to push for us to not just | Read More »

    Are McDonald’s hiring practices discriminatory?

    There is a McDonalds in my neighborhood which I have been patronizing for about 10 years. I go there about 3-4 times per month. In all those years the store has always been extremely well-run, clean, convenient and my order has not been screwed up even once. FYI, I rarely order anything in the standard configuration – I don’t like pickles, onions, etc. When I | Read More »

    Russian navy captures Somali pirates.

    The more, the merrier. Russia captures Somalia pirates A Russian warship has seized a pirate vessel with 29 people on board off the Somali coast, Russian news reports say. Guns and navigation equipment were found during a search of the pirate boat, officials were quoted as saying. Notably absent from this account – or this one, or this one – is any indication that the | Read More »

    Spanish Radio Will Doom The Fairness Doctrine.

    Defining the issue of “fairness” is nearly impossible in one language, yet doing it in two is impossible. The traditional model called for a far-right comment to be met with an equal but far-left comment, or a moderate-right comment to be met with its moderate-left counterpart. This alone is nearly impossible to define but now consider the issues of culture. How a comment does considered | Read More »