“Higher Education:” Slowing Killing American Society

    Perhaps nowhere else can one get a better sense of the direction liberals want to take this country than on your average college campus today. The trend in higher education- a term that needs to be used loosely- is currently so at odds with the purpose of a “liberal” higher education that it is no wonder today’s graduates find it difficult to find meaningful employment. | Read More »

    Fighting campus speech-codes with FIRE

    Speech-code. Sounds like something from George Orwell’s pen or a Stephen King tale, but it’s not. According to Adam Kissel, from the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education, two-thirds of college campuses enforce speech-codes, violating the 1st amendment rights of their students. Thanks to FIRE, however, codes are being challenged, speech is alive, and awareness is being raised. While two-thirds isn’t good, this is down | Read More »

    On Media Bias

    Media’s Presidential Bias and DeclineColumnist Michael Malone Looks at Slanted Election Coverage and the Reasons WhyColumn By MICHAEL S. MALONEOct. 24, 2008 — The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game — with their readers, with the Constitution and with their own fates.