What Gov. Palin Needs To Say Tonight

    Tonight’s speech at the Republican National Convention by vice presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is probably the most important convention speech in memory by a vice presidential candidate. Gov. Palin made a smashingly good impression with her initial appearance on Friday, but her relative inexperience combined with a ferocious left-wing/media assault on her and her family has left a lot of the public up | Read More »

    Obama’s Double Edged Sword

    Obama’s speech on Thursday night was fraught with much peril but the most obvious didn’t come until after the speech was over. Why did Obama’s bounce in the polls for a speech watched by almost 40 million people not sustain itself? I have a very unconventional theory. Obama wanted us all to believe that he was unique in history and the first new politician. His | Read More »

    Critique of Obama’s speech

    I read the transcript of Obama’s speech today, and since 38 million people watched it, I think its safe to say this speech will form the predicate for how he seeks to define himself for the next 9.5 weeks. As usual, he was thin on specifics and policy proposals, though I detected a few in there. Also as usual, he reversed himself on some points. | Read More »

    what the frack…?

    okay, well i don’t know what particular “diary” to select, so i just picked the first one…hopefully, someone will educate me on the etiquette of blogging, so i might get better at it…i am just a oleperson here, trying to make sense of this new world….hah, good luck with that…. well, to get back to the meat of the matter, or the “what the frack | Read More »

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    Hillary Did her “Job” – And That’s All

    On style and delivery, I would give Hillary a 9.5 on the scale of 10. Let’s face it, she had a “job” to do which was to throw her support behind Barack Obama. Moreover, she had to preserve and protect her own political future and could not be seen as a Democrat who helped her party lose this election. But let’s look a bit deeper | Read More »

    Best. McCain. Speech. Ever.

    As you may know, not long ago, a couple o’ hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent! I’ll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day–any day, my friends! (50,000 engines roaring) This is my first time here, but I recognize that sound. It’s the sound of freedom!

    Barack Obama Berlin Speech Translated

    Hey everyone. I managed to find a rough translation of Barack Obama’s Berlin Speech. Many of you may have been like me and had no clue what he was saying.

    Obama’s Berlin Speech Grade = C- / D +

    Well they did what they could, the hype, the build up, even having a free rock concert open the show, lights, camera, action; Oops, we didn’t know that the pretty monument we chose to speak from, is actually a monument to war! A monument with an angel of war atop mocking the rest of Europe for the bloody losses Germany inflicted on it? Hitler loved | Read More »

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