Obama, A Man For All Audiences.

    With a Presidential Approval Index of -21, Democrat Congressmen running for the hills, or at least, somewhere that he can’t perform his grim reaper act on their re-election chances, and a pathetic, although quite amusing, attempt to appear more centrist, Obama is losing the little credibility that remained. I used to get quite agitated by his speeches, to put it mildly. Shock, horror, disbelief, annoyance, | Read More »

    Mr. President, I thought you said “the campaign is over”

    During the “health care summit,” we witnessed yet another Barack Obama Hypocrisy Moment, as he chastised Senator John McCain for “campaigning” during his summit comments and accused McCain of employing “talking points” As one who has noted Obama’s non-stop campaigning, I found this bordering on hysterically funny.  He had to have OD’d on gall that morning to make such an assertion.  This is the President | Read More »

    Who celebrates if and when this gets violent

    I am sitting here listening to the the Glenn Beck replay on a sleepless night, and he is talking about Pelosi’s comments earlier on, and then some Kennedy dunce, about violent rhetoric from the right wing. However, when there is real violence like the crybabies at the G20 summit get violent nobody says a damn thing. Which is now leading me to start thinking, who | Read More »



    You want a great break down of these speeches? Go here!!!    http://theblacksphere.blogspot.com/2009/05/cheney-takes-on-man.html

    Mr. Bush, Please, Keep Quiet

    There is no debate from me on the subject of wanting Obama to fail. Heck, I want Obama to become the poster child for failblog. Inversely I still like George Bush; I would hang out with the man because I’m sure it would be fun. But when it comes to speaking about Obama, George, please shut your trap. Former President George W. Bush, making his | Read More »

    When they spoke, McCain got higher ratings than Obama

    According to Nielsen Media Research, 38.9-million television viewers in the United States watched Senator John McCain accept the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination, which tops the short-lived record 38.3-million who saw Barack Obama accept the Dem nomination in front of Styrofoam columns in a football stadium last week by over half a million folks. (Only 37.2-million watched Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech on Wednesday.) | Read More »

    At Least Hitler Was Straightforward About What He Wanted

    Substitute ‘Democrats’ for ‘National Socialists’, ‘conservative’ for ’30’ and ‘American’ for ‘German’ and you basically have the what a lot of the current Democratic leadership won’t say, but probably believe.