Sin Tax Schadenfreude

    The Reason Foundation published an article back in February ’09 looking at the failed logic of State (and Federal) Government placing such a huge reliance on Tobacco taxes as the means by which they hope to offset some of their budgetary woes in the “lean times.” They likened this broken record of failed tax policy to that of an “old vaudeville troop that can’t let | Read More »

    Spending cuts wouldn’t be “prudent”

    Akin to borrowing our way out of debt, the AP reports that "neither spending cuts nor broad tax increases would be prudent deficit-fighting measures".  Really, how can spending cuts not be prudent?  What should be done, print more money, borrow more?  Those two options don’t seem to be working but God forbid cut spending. The country’s economic output looks more bleak.  Our deficit approaches $9 | Read More »

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