Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner

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    If conservatives want to keep the House and win the Senate, we need to fire John Boehner as speaker of the House. We only need 16 House votes to do it.

    As most conservatives know, Boehner and the House GOP Steering Committee decided to purge four conservative House members from their committee. Congressmen Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp were removed from the House Budget Committee, and Congressmen David Schweikert and Walter Jones were cut from the Financial Services Committee.

    Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert were targeted because they were too fiscally conservative—all three have voted against Boehner’s debt ceiling hikes. Amash and Huelskamp were the only two GOP votes against House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget.

    Amash explained that vote at yesterday’s Bloggers’ Briefing at the Heritage Foundation, “It’s unacceptable to have unbalanced budgets until 2040.”

    For anyone outside of DC, this statement seems obvious. Only in Washington is balancing the budget radical.

    Many conservatives voted for the Ryan budget because they didn’t want to “let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” I understand that, but we shouldn’t criticize those who actually understand the depth of our debt problem and plan to propose real answers.

    If Speaker Boehner wants to purge independent, bold conservatives—I think it’s time he gets fired as Speaker. Not only for the purge. He has failed to effectively win negotiations with President Obama and appointed moderate committee chairs. To the public, Boehner may appear radical but in reality he proposes milquetoast policies, like the tax-hikes he proposed this week.

    While the caucus has already voted in support of John Boehner as speaker of the 113th Congress, the final floor vote doesn’t happen until early January.

    Everyone thinks it’s a fairytale, but the Conservative Movement is capable of firing Boehner with just 16 votes.

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    The Boehner Fiscal Offer

    The Boehner Fiscal Offer

    Here are two things to keep in mind with regards to Boehner’s budget offer.  First, when you begin negotiations agreeing to 60% of the demands of the other side and fail to offer a bold contrast on the other 40%, you are headed for an outcome that is 80-90% favorable to your opponent.  Second, when you need to outsource your budget plan and entire view | Read More »

    Obama’s Christmas Present To College Students: Pell Grant Cuts

    During the recent 2012 campaign for President, President Obama claimed he doubled funding for Pell Grants (see this link and this link too). As Red Alert Politics points out, this claim is entirely false. However, as we know by now, all promises made by President Obama come with an expiration date. Examiner reports: Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants | Read More »

    Jim Moran Calls For More Spending In Fiscal Cliff Speech (Video)

    In a speech on the House floor yesterday, Congressman Jim Moran speaks about protecting social safety net programs and also advocates for new infrastructure and R & D spending as Congress and the White House work to avoid devastating sequestration cuts. Considering that America’s true National Debt is north of $87 trillion dollars, more ‘investments’ without any cuts in current spending whatsoever is laughable at | Read More »

    VIDEO: There’s Still Time President Obama

    VIDEO: There's Still Time President Obama

    In 2008, President Obama campaigned on hope and change. He made lofty promises from closing Gitmo to changing the sea levels. At a debate in 2008, in between John McCain obsessively saying “my friends”, we heard a different Barack Obama than teh one we hear today. One that believed we must deal with our entitlement crisis and we must deal with it swiftly. He addressed | Read More »

    Only in Washington

    For those of us who are not schooled in the ways of Washington, here is a glimpse into the duplicity of the “budget savings” as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. House Agriculture Chairman Frank D. Lucas has raised hopes that Congress might still be able to produce a multi-year farm bill soon, possibly as part of a package to block impending tax increases and | Read More »

    Saxby Chambliss’s Fuzzy Math

    Last Wednesday, speaking in reference to Grover Norquist’s tax pledge, Senator Saxby Chambliss revealed himself to be a big government statist.  Then again, we always knew that. He told a local TV station that if we hold the line on the anti-tax pledge, “then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.” This line of thought is emblematic of | Read More »

    Between a rock and a hard place

    So it begins. As we discuss our menu of options in dealing with our ever-expanding budget deficit and public debt, we really have no good options. Boehner and McConnell seem ready to cave to the Dems, as usual. That will mean increased taxes without the necessary spending cuts. The result will be continued economic decline (possibly collapse) while the debt continues to grow out of control. | Read More »

    When America needed a leader, Mitt Romney was a manager

    As one who writes about everything political, one of the downsides of living in a state that is utterly unimportant from the Electoral College perspective is the fact that you’re insulated from much of the advertising campaigns that ravaged the battleground states. (From the perspective of a normal person however, that would likely be a blessing…) I had friends who complained about not being able | Read More »

    Serious Question: Why shouldn’t we go off the fiscal cliff?

    I know this sounds like apostasy, but as someone who was dubious about all the happy talk coming from Conservatism, Inc. over the past couple months, I feel like we should look at this. I know the Bush tax cuts are important, but what about the spending cuts as well?  Obama will never extend the Bush tax cuts now anyway, so why go down that | Read More »

    Government Spending Inflates GDP Report

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis published its report for 3rd quarter GDP and found that the economy is growing at a mediocre 2.0% rate, a slight improvement of the 1.3% growth in the 2nd quarter. Had we not experienced such a deep recession, this number would not concern us. However, in order to recover from such a deep recession we need consistent growth of 4% | Read More »

    On bayonets and battleships

    Already, much has been made of the President’s comment about “horses and bayonets” during the foreign policy debate. The President was responding to Mitt Romney’s comment that the United States Navy is as small as it has been since our entry into the First World War. The President responded with the following (from the Washington Post): “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets,” | Read More »

    Obama’s Legacy: $1.03 Trillion in Welfare Spending

    In many respects, this country no longer looks like the American Republic that our parents and grandparents experienced.  More than ever before, government is destroying private enterprise on the one hand, and offering permanent dependency on the other hand.  With all the focus on big bird, binders, and the 47%, the most important figure is the $1.03 trillion – the cost of combined federal and | Read More »

    Health Care Spending is Out of Control

    Health Care Spending is Out of Control

    Over the last 4 years health care costs continue to rise with no end in sight. We need free-market health care solutions not more government bureaucracy. Like us on Facebook for more timely infographics, as well as information on training events with American Majority.

    Republicans Beclown Themselves With Sequester

    Last week, I was watching the House debate over the sequester replacement bill, and was struck by the effectiveness of Chris Van Hollen’s attacks against the Republicans.  Their absurd gyrations of ideological inconsistency have exposed them to pungent attacks from Democrats.  Honestly it’s hard to defend them against those attacks. Pursuant to the Budget Control Act – the absurd debt ceiling agreement from last year | Read More »