How Limbaugh’s embodiment of MLK’s dream changed my life

    From the diaries by Erick Rush dares to judge all by the content of their character and that threatens the race industry Raised by parents that were instrumental in integrating the races in my South Carolina hometown in the 60s and 70s, I was receptive in my youth to the Democratic Party’s rhetoric of racial inclusion. I practiced affirmative action in my law firm in | Read More »

    Braves-Gamecock Volume One

    Formerly known as Gamecock’s Ode to Leonard’s Losers DeVine Law Gamecock’s first rooster crowings from the Stone Mountain of Georgia upon our return to Atlanta last week addressed mostly politics. We will weigh in on legal matters later this week. But for this first column as Atlanta Law and Politics Examiner, after two years of such examinations from North Carolina’s Queen City, we want to reincarnate our annual sports | Read More »

    The Perfect Dunk Open Thread

    Effective dunk? Check. He slammed it home with authority. Patriotic dunk? Check. He did it in the red, white, and blue. Mean dunk? Check. He put his hand on the head of the Australian center to vault over him, in Australia, in front of the home country crowd. Vince Carter might have made the perfect dunk that year. Open thread. Update: Oh yes, and he | Read More »

    Philly Flyers owner shout out of Thanks (Post-election Update)

    “Went to a Hockey game, and a Sarah Palin rally broke out.” Hockey lovers will understand that to be a play on the adage “Went to a Fight, and a Hockey game broke out” (referring to Fighting in Hockey). Those who know nothing about Hockey, will still be confused. But… In this case it has to do with Sarah and Mom’s in general and McCain/Palin | Read More »

    Barack Obama on ESPN – McCain staff, return those calls

    ESPN’s sitdown with Barack Obama is outlined in full by Awful Announcing, hands down the best sports TV blog there is. It seems awfully brief and fluff-filled, as if the Worldwide Leader was very uncomfortable with asking any tough questions. C’mon, folks – Al Gore and Jack Kemp had to answer questions about Roberto Alomar spitting in an umpire’s face in a Vice Presidential debate! | Read More »


    A certain British newspaper, which I will not link to, and do not read because of my support for a certain British football club, caught up with one of Barack’s little brothers (well, technically half brother). Bernard Obama lives in Kenya where he runs a car parts store, but visits his mother, who lives in the UK, quite often. Bernard and Barack were born of | Read More »

    Item 10,386 in “coulda seen this comin'”

    Found this on HotAir Headlines, had to post here with Commentary. Go figure. China doesn’t want Journalists roaming around, they just might find something embarrassing. I like the part about the “live” tv feed – it has a 10 second delay, the better to not let the masses know just how illegitimate the totalitarian government really is. When will we in the West quit | Read More »

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