One Last Chance for the GOP

    Last night, DrewM at Ace of Spades posted a final warning to RINO squish Republicans that deserves a wider audience. There’s a modicum of profanity in Drew’s version. Nevertheless, it should be used as a template for a letter-writing campaign to the members of Congress and candidates for office who dare to run as members of the Republican Party. I share Drew’s thought and feelings | Read More »

    Has the VA GOP Just Nominated a Squish?

    Is McDonnell a squish? In these economic times, with public support moving more towards the generic GOP label in more than 2 decades and when 40% of the public identifies themselves as a ‘conservative’, why would our nominee not take advantage of this political environment and make a clear no tax pledge? I understand politicians not wanting to get boxed into a corner a la | Read More »

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