Today, we Conservatives face a real dilemma. If we vote for the squishy RINOs that the establishment by hook and crook puts before us on the ballot, we perpetuate their belief that we are not serious. They believe that we have no choice but to vote for their tards. They believe that in the end we will show up in November. They believe that we will accept that the Senate is too important to vote against McConnell and Cochran. They believe that Cantor was just a one-time thing, and that they can recruit blacks to destroy quality Tea-Party candidates.

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    I Am The 42

    Back in January of this year, Gallup published their latest survey of Americans’ political party affiliations.  The poll showed a “record high” affiliation of “Independent”. 42% of Americans now claim to be independent of party affiliation. The GOP has seen a steady decline from a high around 34% in 2004, down to 25% this year.  The Democrats have not been immune from a drop either, although their numbers have | Read More »

    Let’s At Least Get Our Class Warfare Right

    Even liberty-loving, highly doctrinaire conservative tea partying Redstate Republicans like me have dreams of dragging our party into the light on an issue or two.

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    Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone?

    Graham Amdt. No. 501 As Modified This amendment transfers the STD prevention and smoking cessation program money to an FDIC mortgage foreclosure prevention program. rejected by a vote of 57-39 the 57 nay votes included 3 Rs Sen. Bunning Sen. Collins Sen. Snowe the 39 yea votes included 3 Ds Sen. Conrad Sen. Dorgan Sen. Feingold Sen. Baucus says passage of the amendment would affect | Read More »