Obama Fetishism – The Hollow Evil of Tactical Adoration

    I’ll bet the people who voted for Obama never realized how utterly cool they had become. They too get to have something in common with Tom Cruise! Like Tom Cruise they’ve been brainwashed, duped out of their money and will ultimately be betrayed by a nut-job cult. No, voting for Barack Obama doesn’t quite automatically enroll you in the Church of Scientology, but when Time Magazine describes the 2nd Term of any US President as The Second Coming, I tend to think we’ve crossed a dangerous border between admiration and idolatry. Here’s how Newsweek Magazine serves up a dose of blasphemy in honor of our Dominus et Deus, Barack I.

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    Hitler Gun Ban

    Hitler Gun Ban

    “Hitler Gun Ban” seems to be trending as a search term lately. Try the search yourself. Once the results come up, start reading the articles. The ones from liberal bloggers all seem to say the same thing: Hitler did NOT ban guns, he only banned them from Jews and his political enemies.

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    ‘Hello, Communist Party Calling’

            By Tom Tillison Florida Political Press With more and more Americans having been born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and having no recollection of the Cold War, nor memories of the classroom drills of students hiding under desks in the event of a nuclear strike from Russia (not that it would have helped much) and the President of the | Read More »

    The Third World War

    The Third World War has begun and it is not what we expected. America and the Western world are facing a danger no country has ever faced before. Our enemy is not a government nor is it a country. We are fighting enemies who are willing to kill themselves in order to kill us. This war makes our conventional Army, Navy and Air forces impotent. | Read More »

    Why Treaties With The Russians Are Worthless

    To understand the title completely, a quick overview of Russian History is needed.  After the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Turks in 1453, the Czars, beginning with Ivan the Great, viewed themselves as the inheritors of the Byzantine Christian traditions, with Moscow becoming “The Third Rome,” complete with a messianic mission to protect Orthodox Christianity.  Ivan the Great married a Byzantine princess, niece | Read More »

    Obama, Did You Hear Us? The Nation Did.

    Maybe not. After all, we have noted that our President is on a really narrow bandwidth. It was not merely the harbinger of November, it was the voice of the nation howling in outrage at the machinations of the regime. The collective conscience of the nation demands an account for the purposeful destruction of our economy, the treacherous behavior of a rogue government at the | Read More »

    Challenge of the Age and of The Ages

    White demagogues and Black Race-Baiting Hustlers, also known as Poverty Pimps, are attempting to stir the emotions of Black citizens by falsely linking a justified movement to make being in the country illegally, illegal, with the civil rights struggles led by Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

    As I was present in Washington, D.C., when he delivered that historic speech, I know that dissolving the Republic with fuzzy borders, unlimited illegal immigration, dilution of our unique American culture, both religious and historical, or the creation of unlimited new classes of hyphenated-Americans were not his intentions.

    When Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke his “I Have A Dream” speech, he did so from an entirely American perspective. He did not call out for an increase in the numbers of hyphenated-Americans. He dreamt of a nation which would be a beautiful symphony of brotherhood – a phrase taken from an oath pledged by members of the thoroughly American fraternity of which he was a brother. In his speech, he told of dreaming of a time, when rather than a country of hyphenated-Americans, forming associations based upon race, gender, or national origin of ancestors, there would be little black boys and black girls able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

    This article speaks to the causes of, and solutions for, decreasing a sensation of terror by restoration of original Constitutional principles and governmental structures.

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    Judicial Intimidation – More Obama Third World Marxist Tactics.

    Scoring the President’s speech was a breeze. There was not a single word of truth in anything he said. Period. One hour, nine minutes and forty four seconds of absolute statist crap. If Mr. Obama thought that his HUGOESQUE farce impressed anyone other than himself he was deluded. Not even his own party could be moved to support him in the face of overwhelming opposition | Read More »

    Obama’s Bunker Mentality.

    On January 16, 1945, sixty five years ago, Adolf Hitler entered his command bunker deep underground in Berlin, Germany, where he would spend his last 105 days as the Russian forces closed in on the beleaguered city. It was the beginning of the end of him and the tyrannical regime he inspired. Inside Hitler’s Bunker, 1945. I’m not suggesting any real parallel between what occurred | Read More »

    NO ELECTIONS IN NOV 2010, 2012 [No more account for you]

    It is obvious that, Obama/Dems are NOT going to hold ELECTIONS in NOV 2010 or 2012 or as far as he can get away with it.

    First, are their REASONS, and then there are CLUES they are giving out that leads one to that conclusion. We include six reasons and seven clues. Then we present a short analysis and recommend a remedy. With links to more detailed analyses. Our choice? To wake up now, or to give up the Republic.

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    Burning Down the Straw Man

    As has been the case for many years, and especially most recently, the charge is that conservatives are falsely railing against a straw man in their observations and accusations leveled against the activities of liberals, and the Obama administration. Before I address this situation directly, let’s take a moment to look at what is meant by the term “straw man.” The concept of the “straw | Read More »

    Why is the US following a SOVIET model?

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why the USA is trying to follow a failed and dangerous model of the USSR? We have fallen to accepting the “cult of personality” that Josif Stalin was, only we have Barak Obama. In the US, Stalin is seen for what he was:  A dictator, murderer, thief and trickster.  In the USSR of 1925-1953, he was NONE of these.  | Read More »

    Hammer and Sickle at WSOP

    At this year’s World Series of Poker one of the members of the final table was Moscow, Russia born Ivan Demidov. Whenever he was in a hand the television cameras would pan to his fans in the audience. When things went Ivan’s way, his friend, wearing a New York Yankee Jersey (a bit ironic), would wave not the white, blue, and red Russian flag; but | Read More »

    Fidel Castro and Barack Obama, tactical soulmates

    Large, Stalinist portraits of their leader adorn political offices. Supporters cry and chant his name every time he graces them with a vacuous speech that inexplicably appeals to his minions. He has neighborhood watch groups to hold the unfaithful in line. He wants these groups to “get in the faces” of those who do not appreciate his greatness. Fidel Castro? No, Barack Obama. Behold:

    Liberal blame America crowd is right about Russo-Georgian War it is indeed our Governments fault

    Liberals enjoy blaming America for almost anything especially the Cold war and Arms Race that followed WW II. The British Conservatives agree that the American Government is to blame for much of post WW II problems.Yet the Conservatives in Great Britain hold an entirely different perspective on why and who is responsible than Liberal Americans do. In fact the total opposite viewpoint. British conservatives know | Read More »