No Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania Doesn’t Need Higher Gasoline Taxes

    At 39 cents per gallon, Pennsylvania currently is the 7th-highest taxed state for gasoline.  As part of his transportation initiative, Gov. Corbett has proposed lifting the cap on the “oil company franchise tax” and making that tax burden even higher. This is a relatively obscure tax that is paid directly by gas stations based on the wholesale price of gasoline.  Right now the maximum wholesale | Read More »

    Police, Fire, and Teachers

    “We need to raise taxes or we will have to cut Police, Fire and Teachers. ” This excuse for raising taxes replaced the “Children” which was big in the 90’s. I like this one even less, because there is an element of extortion to it, as well as outright hubris. The main thing you need to remember is that we as citizens know alot better  | Read More »

    Will Gay Marriage Cost Dems the NY Senate?

    Since election day, a great deal of attention has been focused on California, and the rifts exposed among Democrats by Proposition 8. Supporters of gay marriage have attacked several groups — including African Americans who traditionally vote Democratic — because they supported traditional marriage. But while California provides an interesting demonstration of Democratic divisions over gay marriage, it is not the only one. We should | Read More »

    I Hope This Gets Circulation All Across The State Of Colorado

    In a confidential internal memorandum obtained by Face The State (PDF), the Colorado Democracy Alliance outlines a roster of “operatives” who worked for Democratic victory in the 2006 general election. The document outlines specific tasks for various members of the state’s liberal infrastructure, including a campaign to “educate the idiots,” assigned to the state’s AFL-CIO union. Among the operation’s intended targets: “minorities, GED’s, drop-outs.” Individuals | Read More »

    You Want To Stop Further Fannie/Freddie Bailouts?

    Then you are going to have to have the right night watchmen to warn you of impending disasters. Senator John Sununu is such a night watchman. Too bad no one listened to him–we would have been much better off if his voice was taken heed of. In any event, now that we are navigating some rough financial waters, we are going to need skilled helmsmen | Read More »

    I Am Confused

    I thought that Al Franken was supposed to have cleaned up his act and that he has become a serious candidate for Senator from Minnesota. Guess not. I don’t mind former entertainers getting into politics. But the key word here is “former.” If Franken still wants to entertain on Saturday Night Live, let him. All he has to do is to announce that contrary to | Read More »

    On The Man Who Will Someday Be President Of The United States

    If Hurricane Gustav has any lasting power of significance–and we may thank a merciful God that its destructive power appears to have been very minimal in nature–it will be that it shows us just how calm, how cool, how collected and how utterly up to the task of commanding a great enterprise in a time of crisis Governor Bobby Jindal really is He talks about | Read More »

    Matt Fries for Colorado State Senate (CO-14)

    Matt Fries is running as the Republican challenger for the Colorado State Senate seat in District 14 against incumbent Bob Bacon. Fries previously ran for a seat on the Fort Collins City Council where he was narrowly defeated by progressive Lisa Poppaw. Matt Fries is a grew up in Fort Collins, is a graduate of Fort Collins High School, after which he became the General | Read More »