Promoting Statism in the Name of Service

    With all the focus and attention on the TARP, the so-called “stimulus” bill, the nationalization of huge chunks of our economy and the various issues economic – lost in the weeds have been a host of destructive “programs” being developed and passed by the Obama-Democrat machine. Right now on the floor of the United States Senate is one of the most disturbing pieces of legislation | Read More »

    What Happens When You Make An Economy More Statist?

    Bad things: What’s good for General Motors may not ultimately be best for the global economy. The Bush administration’s $13.4 billion rescue of GM and Chrysler is a fitting finish to a year in which governments around the world expanded their role in the economy and markets after three decades of retreat. The intervention comes at what may prove to be a steep price. Future | Read More »

    OBEY Obama

    As I wrote yesterday, the Obama campaign has been using some pretty creepy artwork to promote its candidate. A couple of comments asked for details on the links between OBEY and Shepard Fairey and the Obama campaign. See the two comments I left on that post. One contains links to images, some on the Obama site itself. The other contains text available up on the | Read More »

    Joe Biden: Scourge of Man

    Here’s an installment of Chapin’s INFERNOwherein I outline Joe Biden and his links to pernicious feminism…he is The Scourge of Man. His iron clad connection with totalitarian harridans is yet another, in a multitude, of reasons why voters should reject the Democratic Party this November.

    In America GDP Should = C + g + I

    Denver area journalist David Harsanyi deserves a double screwdriver. He’s watched far more of this week’s mile high kabuki dance than anyone with an abundance of cabal TV channels and a normal life should logically have to stomach. Not only that, he’s actually paid attention. To go one further, he’s read between the lines.

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