MSM Creates Narrative – Strives To Shape Outcome.

    The ‘Main Stream Media’, as it has come to be known, has ceased to exist. It wasn’t even given a decent burial. The advent of the new conservative media has thrown down the gauntlet. Despite near-hysterical attempts to sell America the Administration’s statist line, Americans have not been fooled. The new media has forced a transparency on their MSM counterparts that they’ve never had to | Read More »

    Thank you for the Stimulus

    Thank You for the Stimulus One standard modern procedure for a military battle when you hope to take ground is to “prepare the field”: use artillery, close air support, etc. to soften and confuse the enemy before you take the field yourself. Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him. —Sun | Read More »

    To All Advocates of Higher Taxes : Put Up or Shut Up

    A recent post reminded me there are innumerable individuals that constantly advocate higher taxes as inevitable and necessary. Many are very wealthy, and a few notables taking this position are Warren Buffett, and just about every Democrat politician. Usually the left treats public advocacy of higher taxes as the ne plus ultra evidence of “leadership”. However, they are missing a golden opportunity to provide both | Read More »

    Location! Location! Location!

    Buddhist Meditation Temple                           St. John Cathedral    Staten Island Hindu Temple                            Temple Emanue-El    Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque New York City Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama have really messed up and created turmoil where it is not needed when they talk about a constitutional freedom of religion right. Why start their statements with something that is not questioned? What statists like Bloomberg and Obama are completely clueless | Read More »

    Leftist Reality: A Dream In A Vacuum.

    Back in the day I used to people watch and imagine I could pick out the radical left in a crowd. It had as much to do with my imagination as fact. Pinch-faced, grim-lipped people, who look like they are in perpetual pain and think that everyone else needs to pay for that pain. No matter what it is, or how much, it’s never enough. | Read More »

    Loss of the Republic?

    Friends of Liberty, Time for concern is over. Now is the time for outrage, for anger, for action. We are losing the Republic. The American people have spoken and not only are the Democrats not listening, they are violating our sacred trust. Our elected officials are supposed to be the stewards of our nation, the protectors of our liberties and our Constitution. We elect these | Read More »

    RINO Republicans. A New Definition.

    RINO = Republican In Name Only. RINO used to be a term applied to a member of the “conservative” Republican Party who often sided with the big government loving Democrats. But the past several years the Republicans have demonstrated time after time that they are also loyal fans of ever bigger government. The 12 Bush years saw unprecedented expansions in all areas of government. While | Read More »

    Take the Cap Off Entering the House

    Most of the framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (and the states that ratified them) expected that the following principles would always apply: The size of the congressional districts should remain relatively small. Instead, the average district size is approximately 700,000 and growing. The number of federal Representatives should grow proportionately with the general population. Instead, Congress has fixed the total number | Read More »

    ObamaSpeak – sounds like chalk on a chalkboard to me

    On the release of top-secret memos I am absolutely convinced it was the right thing to do — not because there might not have been information that was yielded by these various detainees who were subjected to this treatment, but because we could have gotten this information in other ways, in ways that were consistent with our values, in ways that were consistent with who | Read More »