Please, Mr. Steele, RESIGN

    This morning The Politico contributor Jeanne Cummings has an article about GOP head Michael Steele that is eye-opening and I believe a revealing portrait of precisely what a RINO is. IF there is one thing that any red-blooded conservative must portray it is fiscal responsibility. How the GOP elites respond to this, and equally important who, will also unveil to every conservative minded independent that | Read More »

    Newt, Steele… Sadly Out Of Touch With Mainstream Conservatives.

    Newt Gingrich, who had staunchly defended  Dede Scozzafava’s bid for Representative of New York’s 23rd District, seems to be unaware of  the reality which has been manifesting itself all over the country with regards to the leadership of the the Republican party, which is this: THERE ISN’T ANY. We thought we sent that message loud and clear during the 2008 Presidential race which brought the | Read More »

    Not One Red Dime For Dede Scozzofava’s Campaign Machine

    I received the standard plea today form Chairman Steele to renew my membership and contribute for the upcoming state elections.  This was the letter I returned to him in the postage paid envelope. October 23, 2009 Mr. Michale Steele Chairman The Republican National Committee 300 First Street SE Washington, DC 20077 Dear Chairman Steele, As you will note, there is no financial contribution in the | Read More »


    Letter to RNC from Pat Wright…

    I felt this was something worth posting as it’s how a lot of us feel.   Was forwarded to me from one of the Tea Party groups i belong too, and it’s worth a read. OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL STEELE AND THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE       I’m appalled that there has not been a movement from the Republican Party to impeach this man who is | Read More »

    Health care is not a right

    Health care is not a right. The topic came up again last night on Hannity. Hannity had a very interesting Great American Panel last night. Bob Beckel, Redstate’s own Erick Erickson, and singer/Playboy model Aubrey O’Day were the guests. After discussing a program that U.S. tax dollars are funding in Africa that provides sex education to 5-year olds, the talked turned to health care. O’Day | Read More »

    Augustine 25 – Why I Think Obama is Leading the New Democrat Socialist Party

    I agree with Chairman Michael Steete that Republicans are at a healthy turning point. Ironically, I trace this favorable development mostly to Obama’s hard work for the creation of the new, international Democrat Socialist party. Personally, I say he’s a socialist and anti-American because of his track record, his associates, and his Marxist ideology. (I knew him when he was a Marxist socialist sophomore at | Read More »

    My Beef With Michael Steele

    Who is your GOP precinct committeeman? Your GOP county chairman? Your county’s representative(s) on the state’s central committee? What if you’re looking for any local upcoming Republican Party events in your county or district? What if you want to host one such event yourself? What if you want to organize with other Republicans in your locale in support of a reform-minded conservative Republican running for | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 13, 2009 EXCLUSIVE: Everyman Obama courts socialites A workingman’s White House cultivates Beltway ‘tastemakers’ — Steele begins naming his team Parries charges of being adrift — Obama appointee on leave after FBI raid 2 men arrested in bribery probe — EXCLUSIVE: Fenty pushes for school vouchers D.C. mayor breaks with Democrats on Hill — Stimulus overseer: Waste ‘inevitable’ — China resolution | Read More »

    The latest New York Times did yet another story on Steele…

    “Mr. Steele declined a request for an interview.” Dan Riehl caught this first, and I concur: there are times when you pick yourself up, walk it off, and get back to work – and Steele’s gotten to that point. Yes, the media doesn’t love the GOP, except as a punching bag. And yes, the media loves to see Red-on-Red fights, the latest of which has | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 12, 2009 Obama vows earmark reform — EXCLUSIVE: Infighting knocks wind from energy plans — EXCLUSIVE: China stocks up on bargain oil Benefits from recession-weakened West — U.S., Russia face tough discussions on weapons — CURL: State, media ‘button’ lips over Russian gaffe — Feds might offer bounties for market miscreants — Teacher reps fight random drug tests Schools adopt | Read More »

    Michael Steele is a JOKE

    I just don’t get it, check that, the RNC doesn’t get it. Why can’t the national party figure out that they are continuing to take us down the wrong path. We are a conservative party and demand a conservative leader. If Steele cannot support Rush, who has taken us to victory on his wings more than any RNC Chairman could ever hpoe to do, than | Read More »


    An American Reality Show: Sick

    The political landscape and the process of governance in America have become so bastardized they now resemble a sick, staged reality show.  The cast of characters seem expertly chosen for their degree of disfunction, not their degree of distinction. Tune in to this week’s episode and you find Rush Limbaugh as the titular head of the Republican Party.  Or not.  Enter Michael Steele, who is | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 19, 2009 Tab for Obama’s home aid: $275B Program to help up to 9 million Americans pay mortgages — Holder says U.S. cowardly on race — EXCLUSIVE: Spy agency focus of shakeup — Steele: GOP needs ‘hip-hop’ makeover — Rehabilitation never tried at Gitmo — Clinton sends good will to ‘entire world’ No spotlight for Islam — Report opposes spinning | Read More »

    The RNC called today…. I hung up!

    RNC (and/or any other form/arm of Party), technology, technique, out-reach, fund-raising, information dissemination, etc… First off, Welcome to my musing… This will certainly not be any Award winner writing, not that I think any of my other writing is, but earnest, honest, sharing… Ponder with me… Share your thoughts/concerns in return, if you wish…. You, like me, are probably “frustrated” as well as some other | Read More »

    Cyrus Krohns’ technology lacking a proper message will fail the RNC

    In continuing my thoughts surrounding Erick’s Posts here and here, combined with my last post about the use of technology by the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper, of the US Senate. It is painfully apparent that no matter which social networking technology is used by the RNC, it will have no value in the coming election cycle without preparation of the correct message. This is | Read More »