The Markets Do The Talking.

    Obama really wants your money… that’s where his idea of ‘balance’ comes from. Can’t call it what it is, taxes… no, that wouldn’t do… ugly word, taxes… doesn’t sell very well. ‘Balance’, now… well, that’s just a hop, skip and jump from ‘shared sacrifice’, that old Clinton standby. Taxes… that’s it. That’s the whole game plan. Your money, his distribution. He likes that. He loves | Read More »

    Markets Start Focusing On Earnings

    Things have been very fitful over the last several trading days, but there are several emerging themes that are operative over the short term. 1) Interest rates are on the rise. We’re now in the era of trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. Next week is going to be a quiet week, but the month so far has seen tremendous amounts of | Read More »