No PA “street money?”

    AS I’ve noted before, it’s fun when the principled choice for your political opponent is also the one that’s most favorable to your side. Virtue and anticipation: a heady brew. Via Glenn Reynolds: How will no ‘street money’ play today? For the first time in any Pennsylvania general election, “street money” – the cash apparatus used mainly by the Democratic Party to reward its supporters | Read More »

    Obama not to give out street money in PA?

    You may believe or not, as you choose, about whether that recent +2 Obama internal poll for PA was a leak, disinformation, or a motivational exercise. By now it’s probably taken on elements of all three, and we’ll know on 11/05 just how close PA actually was. This state has always been problematical for the Obama campaign anyway, and goodness knows that some of the | Read More »