The belly of the beast – Chicago

    So things around here in Chicago have been *interesting* as of late. According to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County board president Todd Stroger’s approval rating is down to 10%, something with Stroger himself is now furiously disputing.  After all, after inheriting the position and scandals related to hiring, as well as imposing a sales tax hike which resulted in the city of Chicago having the | Read More »

    Another roundup of IL-05 primary results.

    From Chicago News Bench, and I think that this local blogger will be covering the actual race pretty closely. He doesn’t like Quigley much already, partially because the guy’s apparently a trained seal for John Stroger (video autoloads at link) and partially because Quigley treats Twitter as yet another opportunity for campaign spam, so you may enjoy following this race via that portal. Moving along, | Read More »