RedState Thought Leader: American Sugar Policy

    RedState Thought Leader: American Sugar Policy

      Zero for Zero, the first of RedState’s Thought Leader Events featured brief reception followed with a panel discussion led by RedState Editor-In-Chief, Erick Erickson.  Panelists included: Rep.  Jeff Landry (R-LA) Larry Hart, Gov. Affairs Director, American Conservative Union Ryan Weston, Chairman, American Sugar Alliance What is the future of domestic sugar policy?  Subsidies around the globe have made sugar the word’s most distorted commodity market.  How do these subsidies | Read More »

    American Sugar Policy

    Believe it or not, American sugar policy is up for debate. Often, American sugar prices are higher than world prices in what amounts to a pretty protected market. Today at the Newseum in Washington, I’m going to moderate a debate on American sugar policy. You can watch it live here from RedState. It’s the first in a new series of RedState Thought Leader discussions. This | Read More »

    The GOP Sugar-Daddy

    The General Accounting Office estimated that domestic sugar producers reaped about $1 billion in 1998 as are result of this policy. However, 42 percent of the total benefits to sugarcane and sugar beet growers went to just one percent of all producers; indeed, just seventeen sugarcane farms collected over half of all the cane growers’ benefits.

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    So let’s say someone on your Christmas List is lucky and up there in The Iniquitous 1%™. Let’s furthermore assume that She/He/IT cares about the 99%™ almost as much as Senator Warren and Ward Churchill bleed Indian Red, but not quite. What do you get the ruthless, plutocratic (expletive) that has everything for Christmas? The answer is obvious. !More Government!

    Here’s how Proud Republican Congressman Tom Rooney helps fill the stocking of Amerikan Agri-OPEC.

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