Tea Party Movement Survival

    We constantly hear prognostications from the left that the tea party movement is “not going to survive” or the tea party movement is “in trouble,” etc.  The left typically says this because some parts of the movement take one position or another that the left does not like.  In fact, let’s face it: they really don’t like the movement at all.  Their attempts to write | Read More »

    From Miracle on Ice to Miracle on the Hudson

    Many of us remember the U.S. victory over the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid.  It came at a good time. We all know the story.  The 1970’s had been hard on America.  We were beginning to look like losers buffetted by economic uncertainty, high inflation and unemployment, the loss of prestige on the international stage, the looming threat of nuclear war | Read More »