Anti-Tea Party Susan Roesgen out at CNN.

    You may remember Susan Roesgen as the woman who rather notoriously played the role of Obama stimulus apologist while carrying a CNN microphone at the April 15th Chicago Tea Party (she was also the subject of some now-vanished Jon Stewart scorn over her coverage of a Fargo flood, but that’s a different story).  Well, it seems that she’s become an unemployment statistic: Breaking: TVNewser has | Read More »

    Susan Roesgen’s Success in Marginalizing CNN

    Promoted by Erick Those old enough to remember the days when the grip the major networks had on news dissemination was firm and confident also remember the rise of upstart CNN. Ted Turner dared to challenge the network Powers-That-Be for market share and influence and won. I remember being starved for information during the 1st Gulf War. I didn’t have cable TV and satellite TV | Read More »

    CNN Hackery Nothing New

    There has been no shortage of digital ink on the despicable reporting on CNN by Susan Roesgen.  Here at RedState alone: Objective CNN Reporter to Chicago Tea Party Attendee: “Why Are You Complaining? Don’t You Know Obama Gave Your State Billions in the Stimulus!?” – Jeff Emanuel We Have a Winner! Absolutely, Positively WORST Tea Party Day Coverage in the Galaxy – Skanderbeg Don’t Expect | Read More »

    Tea Bags for LNN (Formerly CNN)

    Obviously they’re beyond coffee’s help there at the Liberal News Network For Mizz Susan Roesgen as she takes supreme offense to an Obama as Hitler sign, while it’s perfectly ok to do the same to Bush; Another group catches her mocking a man with a 2 year old child; So, passed around on Twitter today is a good idea. This in response to @ChristinaPerk suggesting | Read More »

    Don’t expect to see Jon Stewart whale on Susan Roesgen again.

    You probably remember Susan Roesgen from yesterday: she was the one who got so peeved when the person that she interviewed turned out to be not on-script. Voluntary propagandists often aren’t, when dealing with messy reality. Anyway, she’ll probably be lionized by CNN for her “bravery” to standing up to people yelling back at somebody with a video crew trying to browbeat them, so watch | Read More »