Badges of Dishonor.

    Since it seems this isn’t going away, and I don’t feel like waiting for yesterdays 200 some post link to load, let’s try again. (Besides, some said this deserved it’s own diary).The best account of the BP case case I’ve found (for those who prefer facts and evenhandedness over WND spin) is a Pamela Colloff piece in Texas Monthly called Badges of Dishonor (pdf file). | Read More »

    Obama and kHALID aL-mANSOUR

    It’s amazing how nobody wants to talk about the connection between Obama and Khalid-Al Mansour. We have all the necessary evidence and documents, linking Obama to Khalid Al Mansour. Khalid Al-Mansour is the same Saudi official who wanted to give Rudy Julliani a 10 million dollar check after 9/11 and Rudy rejected the offer. Then he flew back to Saudia and the rest is history. | Read More »