Happy Anniversary to Arlen Specter!

    April 28, 2010 published on americanthinker.com Happy Anniversary Arlen Specter! Katy Abram Happy Anniversary Arlen Specter!  He has now been a card carrying member of the democrat party for a full year.  One year ago today, after dusting off his old Democrat voter registration card from the 70’s, Senator Arlen Specter took the term “career politician” to new levels when he declared he was switching | Read More »

    NY State Senate: Defection A Serious Miscalculation by Hiram Monserrate

    Moe wrote about Hiram Monserrate back when the story broke about his Christmas-time attack on his girlfriend with a broken beer bottle for having another man’s business card in her purse. The woman needed 20 stitches around her eye. In reaction, the brand new incoming NY Democratic Senate Majority closed ranks around their man and one of their number, State Senator Eric Adams, went so | Read More »

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    Specter to switch parties?

    Very strong rumors are circulating around Capitol Hill that Arlen Specter will switch parties and caucus with Democrats. At least one other source is reporting it as well – Chris Cillizza over at the Washington Post… UPDATE: Drudge reporting speculation as well. UPDATE 2: It’s official – he has released a statement, the following is an excerpt: When I supported the stimulus package, I knew | Read More »

    Bailout: We have not yet begun to fight

    For one brief moment the American people made their voices heard on the bailout, forcing the House of Representatives to blink. Soon enough, the Senate – unconstitutionally – took up the bailout bill, loaded it with goodies and returned it to the House, which approved it with no time to adequately review it or allow public comment. While the final passage of the bailout is | Read More »