Smooth Operator?

    With all the new events surrounding the recent uncovered stories of the Obama campaign, I have come to the notion, no one seems to care what surrounds this candidate.His past, nor present news, seem to be relevant to anyone. They seem to lean upon this news with deaf ears.While out on Halloween with my kids, I asked questions to the Democratic voters with signs on | Read More »

    Erstwhile Conservative Radio Talk Host Comes out for Obama

    Long critical of the McCain campaign’s clumsy strategeries, Philly talk radio host Michael Smirconish outed himself to his radio audience at the tail end of his Friday morning show that he is voting for Obama. The former Bush 41 HUD appointee and celebrity MC at Bush 43 campaign events in Pennsylvania defended himself by not defending himself. Instead, he pointed out that he has never | Read More »

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    Why McCain For Today?

    Since America is voting in less than a month. I need America to make the right choice to continue on to 2009-future without making America have a bad face. Since we are still in the middle east and the new commander in cheif will come to the White House there will be good and bad decisions on hand from citizens like us. SO THE BEST | Read More »