A Problem with the new CDC Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

           So when I first saw this I was excited that the CDC is finally recognizing zombies as a serious threat the human safety.  I then read their survival guide and was VERY disapointed.  As a frequent viewer of zombie movies I’m aware of the different threats various types of zombies can pose and was hoping to see what they suggest for dealing | Read More »

    More on the Khalidi tape

    Go to http://www.DebbieSchlussel.com http://www.debbieschlussel.com/ Turns out a children’s dance troupe (Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe) performed at the event; this dance troupe does a very interesting simulation: *a mock beheading of children draped in US, UK, and Israeli flags! * In the simulation, the children swing fake swords and the flags fall to the floor and the dancers stomp on them. Debbie Schlussel does not know | Read More »

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    Recent LA TIMES TAPE

    Why isn’t HOMELAND SECURITY involved in this? Isn’t this a NATIONAL SECURITY issue? What can we do to get them involved?

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