New RNC Ad: “Slippery Slope.” I normally don’t provide the text to these things, but I’ve seen people trying to push the lie that Obama didn’t actually ever say that $250K was the threshold for a tax cut, so I figure that this time I should. Moe Lane

    The countless inconsistencies of Barack Hussein Obama’s Tax Plan

    Obama’s Socialist plan is literally one of the scariest economic proposals ever in America’s recent history. His plan limits your success and economic growth potential in every sense of the word. This is Socialism working at its best. Remember people, this is related to an idea that we fought wars to prevent from spreading to our great country and now its creeped into our own | Read More »

    Tax Structure – A Must Read

    I am not usually an email “forwarder” but not only did I forward this email that I just recieved but felt compelled to post this little ditty. I do not know whether the writer who was given credit for this example even exists (if he doesn’t he can vote in many states anyway) but this is the best example of “unfair tax cuts” that I | Read More »

    Oh Johnny Oh.

    Aside from the initial nervousness, the two who would be President delivered predictable performances last night and at the conclusion of the exchange the dynamics of the race had not changed one iota. McCain has substance, Obama has form. Put political philosophy aside and the two of them might have made a great father-son team. McCain missed an opportunity to hit the ball out of | Read More »

    Am I the Only One to Notice This?

    Barack Obama likes to go about saying he’s only raising taxes on the top 5% of wage earners. No wonder he has to keep saying this over and over again like nobody believes him. We don’t. And now we’ve heard the next part of this story. On 60 Minutes tonight,, during a discussion of the size of the deficit and how he plans to pay | Read More »

    Many Happy Returns

    Byron York over at NRO has a good piece on the paltry charitable giving of Joe Biden. According to ten year’s worth of Biden tax returns, the senator and his wife contributed about one-eighth of one percent (0.0015%) of what they earned to charity, well below the two percent average of American households. During that time Biden’s adjusted gross income (AGI) ranged from about $215,000 | Read More »

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