In Raleigh, NC Flag Poles are Illegal

    Tomorrow at the Tax Day Tea Party 2010, participants may be surprised to know that “Flagpoles” are now banned within the State Capitol Grounds (well only if they are wood, metal or plastic). Our authorites have also banned color guard unless there is a special amendment granted for the permit (oh thank you so much Raleigh, you’re so caring and giving) Now I keep a close | Read More »

    Watching ‘New Conservative Republicans’ Transforming Party.

    It’s still the Republican party… but it behaves with the energy of a movement… it has momentum and is self-aware. It hums and buzzes, stretches and grows with huge infusions of like-minded Patriotic Americans who are answering the summons. It’s freedom calling and once again Americans are reaching for and grasping their own part of this historical movement. Sarah Palin at SRLC, New Orleans There | Read More »

    We all birthers now? According Obama we are…

    Last week Obama gave an interview in which he made it clear that he thinks the tea party movement are made up so-called “birthers”. The birthers believe that President Obama is ineligible to be President as he was not born in the US. They are called “birthers” because they repeatedly call for his birth certificate to be released. “President Barack Obama says he believes the | Read More »

    Pep rallys end with 4/15, time to get busy tea partys

    As we head to the next big stage in the health care vote, its tempting to just become obsessed with the subject. Like all politics, the yes vote in the house, is merely another step, albeit a big one. It is not the bitter end of the efforts by the socialists to nationalise the health care system. This entire fight and drama will be draining | Read More »

    Probably the same place where mine is, kid.

    The first photo there at Point of a Gun there says it all, really: Although she did a better job at coloring the horse than I would have been able to manage. Some more round-ups/local coverage here, here, here, here, here, here, here& here. Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Orlando Tax Day Tea Party

    Once again, thousands turned out for the Orlando Tea Party. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for the last 3 days, so I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked. There was no way, agonizing pain or not, that I was going to miss this. Being one of those people who absolutely hates to be late for anything, I | Read More »

    Back from the DC Tax Day Tea Party.

    Very short version: organizers estimate 3,000 altogether. I am not trained in crowd estimating, but it was busy when I got there an hour early with a buddy and stayed busy up to the point where persons currently unknown (although certainly people weren’t shy of guessing) temporarily closed Lafayette Park by tossing a box over the White House fence around 2:30 or so. The nature | Read More »

    Gulfport/Biloxi MS Tax Day Tea Party

    Promoted by Jeff Pass it around! WHAT TAX DAY TEA PARTY – GULFPORT, MS WHERE Gulfport Sportsplex (Directions) 17200 16th St Gulfport, MS 39503 WHEN April 15, 2009 a little bit before 6PM Central Time. If they show up, TV Cameras from WLOX-TV will be there at 6PM so do not be late. Bring a smile, a handshake, a positive attitude and a chair. Don’t | Read More »

    Knoxville, TN Tea Party

    CITY: Knoxville, TN (one of 300+ cities across the country having tea parties on 4-15-09 WHO: All concerned East Tennessee Volunteers and Americans WHAT: A peaceful protest focusing on repealing pork and lowering federal taxes, protecting the American dream. WHEN: 3 – 6 PM; APRIL15 WHERE: World’s Fair Park, downtown Knoxville (Amphitheater) SPECIAL EVENTS: March to Federal Building Live remote broadcast of Phil Williams | Read More »

    Orange County Ca. Tax Day Tea Party

    If you’re in the southern California area on Tax day and looking for a Tea Party to attend consider joining me in Santa Ana. I’ll be there… video camera in tow, documenting, interviewing, and protesting. If enough RedStaters and TMR readers want to get together for this event I’ll organize a meet-up afterward for happy hour! :0) CITY: Santa Ana, CA WHO: Anyone and everyone | Read More »