How the traditional family will destroy the dependency state [part 1]

    The dependency state (including all dependents both responsible savers and irresponsible government cases) is doomed to failure.  I posted previously on why I believe the overall dependent to productive worker ratio is ~4:1 right now.  Most of our dependents are funded by siphoning off some of the excess valuable labor of these workers and directing those fruits to the not-currently-working via medicare, medicaid, social security, | Read More »

    Mr. Buffett, you lie

    Warren Buffett took the time to write an op-ed piece in the Sunday New York Times and give Barack Obama some cannon fodder for his taxpayer-financed campaign bus trip. Not being a regular Times reader (I prefer the Journal), I heard about the piece after news reports of Mr. Obama quoting it on the campaign trail. It seems Mr. Buffett doesn’t think he and other | Read More »