New taxes and new definition of your income under Obamacare

    Here’s how your income will “increase” and so will your taxes, under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or health care reform/Obamanationcare.   (Also, you should know that the DOJ is defending against the the 20 states’ suit against the above Act, saying it is a TAX, and Congress has the unlimited right to tax you for any reason.) Should you want to verify | Read More »

    Norquist on Value Added Tax (VAT)

    Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform has an excellent Op Ed, Don’t Give Obama a VAT, on the Value Added Tax (VAT), also known as Obama’s National Sales Tax, in Human Events today.  Grover, like other pundits, believe that the actions of this Administration point to the fact that President Obama is seriously considering imposing a VAT on the already over taxed citizens of the | Read More »

    The Fair and Balanced Tax Plan

    Upon returning from the local Tax Day Tea Party rally this afternoon, this old engineer/systems guy has the tax plan that is both fair and balanced.  It goes like this: Neither taxation without representation nor representation without taxation can be sustained as a social contract–sooner or later either the parasites vote themselves the treasury or the beasts of burden throw off their yoke. Since there | Read More »


    “We The People” Vetting Seems To Bring Out A “Latest Version” Of The David Castillo Campaign

    Although this past Tuesday evening’s session was the second of the Candidate Vetting sessions being conducted by We The People – Southwest Washington, it was the first session that included the vetting of a candidate for U.S. Congress. The candidate scheduled in this slot was David Castillo. In order to strive for fairness and consistency with my reports on these sessions, I’ve decided to continue | Read More »

    States Delay Tax Refunds (not paying back their loans)

    Seems like they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is risky option at best, since most states and the Federal Government, are required to pay late fees when they delay your refund because of their actions. So they get to hold your tax refund for some unspecified period of time in order to pay off an earlier debt. But when the loan (that is | Read More »


    Boehner To Address Orlando Tea Party

     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media contact:  Phil Russo, Organizer Direct:  615-419-6016    ORLANDO TEA PARTY ANNOUNCES TAX DAY EVENTS Congressmen, Talk-show Host to Join Activists    ORLANDO — Today, Orlando Tea Party leadership confirmed the guest speakers for this years Tax Day Tea Party. Scheduled to attend are Rep. Steve King (R-IA), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), and Mike Gallagher, who hosts a nationwide talk radio | Read More »

    The more the merrier…NOT !!!!!

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry ( “The more the merrier…NOT !” During my forty some odd years in business there have been at least three situations where I have been in a meeting or in some form of litigation and suddenly realized that it was me paying for everyone in the room. Not one person other than me was creating any revenue to | Read More »

    Soaking the Rich

    “When did profit become a four letter word?”

    A Nation of Fools by Peary perry ( How the word ‘Profit’ get to be a four letter word? The dictionary defines the word … ‘profit’ in the following manner: “ the monetary surplus left to a producer or employer after deducting wages, rent, cost of raw materials, etc.: The company works on a small margin of profit.” So how is it that our current | Read More »

    Great Scott….The Scott heard Around the world

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    The Death of Big Environment: Assessing Loss and Gain

    For all who have challenged the notion that man is single-handedly destroying the planet with everything from America’s industrial system to your shiny SUV– all the way down to your uncle’s favorite cow “Gertrude” on the farm, take a moment to lower your shields as the opposition is about to be sent on the run. As reported by Jon Lott on, validated e-mails from | Read More »

    House Bill, by the Numbers

    Total cost: $1.055 trillion New Taxes: $572 billion Cuts to Medicare: $426 billion Not included: $247 billion needed to stop Medicare payments to doctors from decreasing, pledged to be passed in a separate bill to keep this bill “revenue neutral” Pages: 1,990 The word regulation appears in the bill 181 times. The word fees appears in the bill 103 times. The word tax appears in | Read More »

    CBO strikes again – Democrats’ cap-and-tax would hurt the economy

    The Director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas W. Elmendorf, told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that the House-passed Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade tax climate change legislation — would slow the economy and would cause “significant” job losses in fossil fuel industries: We want to leave no misunderstanding that aggregate performance — the fact that jobs turn up somewhere else for some people — does | Read More »

    Congratulations to today’s victors

    Congratulations to the House Democrats, and their eight Republican abettors, on the passage of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade tax climate change legislation. Today’s victors are to be congratulated for demonstrating that by using dilatory tactics, such as posting the “final” version of a 1,200 page bill the night before the vote, issuing a 300 page amendment to the 1,200 page bill after 3:00 a.m., | Read More »

    Geithner’s Inside Scoop on Tax Dodging

    As I have said, $332 million would go to new IRS enforcement efforts, including $128.1 million to improve international tax compliance. The balance of these funds would be used to support three critical programs: 755 employees to increase examinations of tax returns for businesses and high-income individuals; 300 employees to expand the IRS document matching program, which compares tax returns to other forms such as | Read More »