Not a Question of “If,” But “When”

    On the Sunday talk shows, newly reelected Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) stated an obvious with respect to the current fiscal cliff dilemma. Now personally, part of me says let us all hold hands and jump over that cliff together. When taxes increase on everyone and spending is cut, we on the Right can then say to the 51% of Americans who reelected Barack Obama: “How | Read More »

    The Boehner Fiscal Offer

    The Boehner Fiscal Offer

    Here are two things to keep in mind with regards to Boehner’s budget offer.  First, when you begin negotiations agreeing to 60% of the demands of the other side and fail to offer a bold contrast on the other 40%, you are headed for an outcome that is 80-90% favorable to your opponent.  Second, when you need to outsource your budget plan and entire view | Read More »


    Events get driven by something. The motive power behind what happens in policy and politics can often lie hidden like the mass of an iceberg underneath the sea. Those who bother wondering why President Obama refuses to compromise on anything in order to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff” theorize two primary things. Barack Obama plays the PR angle to make Rethuglicans appear as the political subsumed class* of lackeys to the E-Vil Rich. Others assume he’s Richard Roundtree** and he’s sticking it to the man.

    Both of these conjectures see only the tip of the iceberg. There are two possible errors in assuming either explains our President’s behavior in total. The first mistake is to assume that Barack Obama completely drives this train. The second is to assume that he reacts totally based on his ideological battles against Conservatism. Assuming a bond fealty between Barack Obama and his committed core of followers causes me to realize that President Obama (and much of the rest of the professional left in America) has strapped himself in for a ride on the tiger. He’s driving the bus from the movie “Speed.”

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    A Fair Share of Taxes?

    Every year, the Tax Foundation does extraordinary work breaking down and analyzing the macro tax data from the IRS.  We’ve cited their work on numerous occasions in an effort to militate the tax myths propagated by the left.  If you were traveling here from a different country and only heard media reports of our tax code, you would come away with the conclusion that the rich | Read More »

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    House should pass a bill to tax the rich and repeal Obamacare.

    The House should pass a bill that repeals Obamacare while giving Obama everything else he wants from the fiscal cliff policies. I expect even Grover Norquist would approve of that tradeoff. The bill would repeal the Bush tax cuts on those earning over $250,000 per year while making the rest of them permanent, extend the unemployment benefits, repeal the sequesters, and do whatever Obama’s latest | Read More »

    You have not converted a man because you have silenced him

    You have not converted a man because you have silenced him    

    The Middle Class Tax Cut Doesn’t Exist

    There is no middle class tax cut. That’s right, the “tax cuts for 98% of Americans” the Democrats keep shouting about don’t exist. Instead, there are currently only three proposals on the table. The first of these is the Republican plan which has already been passed in the House of Representatives. This plan would maintain the Bush tax rates for all Americans. The second plan | Read More »

    “Consider This!”, Episode 23

    Back with more topics than I’ve ever squeezed into 10 minutes or less, “Consider This!” is back with a new episode. A friend of mine posted a graphic of Sen. Bernie Sanders with a quote from him extolling the results of Social Security, with the tag, “Social Security has done exactly what it was designed to do.” Well sure, in the short term, big government | Read More »

    The Lost Irony in the Tax Debate

    There is an uncanny irony that has emerged from the bowels of the tax fight – one that is lost in all the banal details of the pitched battle.  Democrats have fallen in love with the Bush tax cuts, which they fought so vociferously to block in 2001 and 2003. While the Democrats are demanding that we raise taxes on the rich, they are stridently | Read More »

    Dispatch From Lisbon

    “There appears to be an enormous divergence between what the Portuguese believe the state should deliver and the amount of taxes they are prepared to pay,” he told parliament recently.

    – Vítor Gaspar, Portuguese Minister of Finance (HT:

    It helps from time to time to get out that old set of notes from Economics 101 and give them a snappy re-read. On day 1 of the class, you get introduced to The Fundamental Problem of Economics. This cute little chestnut states that economics attempts to meet insatiable demand with limited resources. No feasible solution exists that is also optimal. The debate thus ensues over who gets fed and who gets (expletived).

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    Republicans Should Support Tax Hike

    The media is in full pressure mode in an attempt to do the President’s bidding by cornering Republicans into supporting tax increases as a way to cut the budget. This latest push, not like the one we saw in the summer of 2011 when both sides were dealing with a debt ceiling and a deadline is perhaps guided by an extra boost in confidence seeing | Read More »

    Only in Washington

    For those of us who are not schooled in the ways of Washington, here is a glimpse into the duplicity of the “budget savings” as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. House Agriculture Chairman Frank D. Lucas has raised hopes that Congress might still be able to produce a multi-year farm bill soon, possibly as part of a package to block impending tax increases and | Read More »

    Obamacare is Destroying America

    I wrote a blog about this back on Janurary 23,2011 Entitled: Obamacare Is A Bad Bill and Wrong For America.  In that blog, I did my best to sound the alarm and warn my fellow Americans about how bad of a bill Obamacare really was.  Unfortunately, almost 51% of Americans either didn’t read it, don’t care or think they won’t be effected by it.  They’re | Read More »

    Saxby Chambliss’s Fuzzy Math

    Last Wednesday, speaking in reference to Grover Norquist’s tax pledge, Senator Saxby Chambliss revealed himself to be a big government statist.  Then again, we always knew that. He told a local TV station that if we hold the line on the anti-tax pledge, “then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.” This line of thought is emblematic of | Read More »

    Uturnium, the Reverse-Think Atom

    It’s a truism that discoveries are made when least expected. While playing a word game in the car recently we created the word ‘uturnium,’ which is the atom that causes drivers to do opposite of what would be expected in a given situation. This means things like turning left from the right lane, turning right with the left turn signal on, etc. After some serious | Read More »