A Jackass Messes Up

    In an unprecedented prime time event Kanye West, together with Barak Obama, will be appearing on Jay Leno’s new program in a segment called the Rapster and the Shyster. Kanye will provide a hip-hop backdrop while Barry raps out his non-coherent plan for health care reform. The President and Kanye, a huge supporter of Obama, have been old friends from way before the election.  Obama | Read More »

    The Worst Part

    I’ve been thinking about the Kanye West/MTV VMAs incident. As much as it pains me to say it, last night I and most people who talked about it missed the most important point: Kanye West, in a fit of jealousy and anger, took away what should have been one of the highlights of a nineteen year old girl’s life. VMAs don’t matter to me, but | Read More »